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I'll get around to it...

Eventually I'll get around to posting about Lucy's birth, but a) my computer is on the fritz and b) I've been sleep deprived and a little overwhelmed. A few quick notes:

- C-sections suck ass. Having had both now, I would never in a million years have an elective c-section. The recovery really bites and labor isn't THAT bad.

- Babysitting a third child and actually having one of your own are two WAY different things.

- I'm done. Three is enough.


This 24 hour pee test is driving me nuts. I feel like I have to pee every five minutes and quite honestly I think a huge bottle of pee in the fridge is just gross. Sigh. The things we do for our kids.
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GAH!!! Medical gripes.

I need to rant. It really drives me bananas when I have an issue and suddenly everyone is an expert and wants to contradict what my doctor tells me. Anecdotal solutions are fine for some things, but in other cases I'm going to listen to my doctor. My grandmother and mother are having tizzies over my blood pressure issues, telling me to cut my salt intake...repeatedly. My doctor, and just about every PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) website, says not to do that. That works for non-pregnancy high blood pressure, but in pregnancy you need salt to maintain fluid levels, so cutting it can be dangerous. My BP outside of pregnancy is normal to low. Believe me, if I could control it by cutting my salt, I totally would. I'm also irked because apparently my grandmother had pre-eclampsia when she was pregnant with my mother...something I probably should have known the FIRST TWO TIMES I had PIH with Daniel and Joey, but no one bothered to tell me. That's some relevant medical history there, don't you think? Maternal family history of PIH or pre-eclampsia way ups your risk of getting it. Wish I had known about it.

Anyway, my BP spiked last week (around 140/100) and is lower now (131/85) today, but it's still not great, and with my history of PIH at the end of both previous pregnancies, the doctor is being extra careful. So they did some blood work and I have to take a 24 hour urine test...where I have to pee into a container every time I go for 24 hours and then take it back in. Lovely. I am glad they are being cautious though.

I'm also just frustrated with Patrick's reaction to all this, which is basically that I'm being a hypochondriac. I'm not being melodramatic, just cautious. Having been there before, I do NOT want to have it again. Daniel's birth and my post-partum sucked major monkey butt because of the insanely high BP and the meds they had me on as a result. If I can head that off at the pass, I'm going to do whatever I can. GAH. Sorry, just needed to get that out.
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I love one on one time.

I had a really great morning with my littlest boy. It's nice to be able to get one on one time with either of my kids anymore and I cherish it because I know how rare it is and how much rarer it will get once Lucy is born. Patrick took Joey out to his parents' house this morning to help them finish moving stuff into their new house. They left around 6:30 am and Daniel was up not too much after that. He chilled in my bed watching Handy Manny while I took a shower and got dressed and then we went to breakfast at this little diner in town called the Purcellville Family Restaurant. We've only ever gone there for breakfast, but I love it. It's cheap and good. He ordered "pancakes and bacon" for himself and I got a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. Yum. I couldn't believe how much he ate. I can barely get him to touch his food most times, but put pancakes in front of him and he devours it. Breakfast for both of us was only $10.

After breakfast it was only 9 am, so we wandered down the street to the Farmer's Market that was just opening. Daniel picked out two apples, "one for Daniel, one for Mommy," which came to a grand total of .50. Everyone was getting a kick out of him wearing my sunglasses.

We wandered along the shops down 21st street, but nothing else opened until 10, so I was about to head back to the car when I decided to check the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop. Fortunately, it opened at 9 so we wandered in there. OMG, I could have gone nuts in there. It's like a yard sale on crack. They have clothes (for all ages!), shoes, purses, furniture, chotchkies, housewares, linens, movies, BOOKS, etc etc. Daniel and I putzed around in the book section (which was basically an entire used book store in itself), where I got 4 paperbacks and he picked out a little hardback book shaped like a hammer. Grand total...$1.31. Guess on Saturdays they are marked down from .50 to 25. I tried looking at the baby stuff upstairs, but Daniel just wanted to bang the hammer book on things, so I'll have to go back when he's not around. We walked back to the car and headed home...where it was only 10 am. Soo...what to do with the rest of the day?

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So on Sunday we were in Lowe's getting some stuff to organize the house better, like redoing Daniel/Lucy's closet, when I got a phone call from my stepmother. She said my Dad was in the hospital down in NC near their vacation home because his blood pressure went way up and he had chest pains. All they knew at that point was that it was not a heart attack, but they couldn't tell what had happened. I was understandably really upset, especially since he was seven hours away and I felt totally helpless. I stayed in touch for the day or so as they did more tests to try to pinpoint the problem (and almost killed him by giving him too much nitroglycerin). My stepmother lobbied to be able to bring him back up here to the Cardiac Care unit at Reston Hospital, which is exactly what is happening. They released him last night with all of his records and tests and they are driving home so he can see the cardiologist here for a stress test. At this point, they are thinking he has a blockage of some sort. It scares me to think he may need surgery, but at least if he does he will be up here.

The whole episode was just a really frightening reminder that someday my parents won't be here. You don't really tend to think of your parents as getting older or dying, but it has to happen eventually. Of course, it didn't help my pregnancy panic issues any, but I'm glad things are kind of okay.
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I was just watching Daniel play with his Little People Farm. The cow and the farmer got into a fight, so Daniel put the cow in time out. He told the cow "no fighting! You go sit time out!" Then the cow had to come out and "say so sorry." Well, at least he understands the time out concept.

Music class

I have to remember to get on here to actually update once in a while. With school back in session as of next week, I wanted to do something with the little ones while Joey is at avoid cabin fever and get them some socialization. Loudoun County libraries have some really neat programs for kids for FREE, so I signed them up for a Rhythm, Rhyme and Tune Time class on Wednesday mornings through the end of October. I got the LAST spot, so I'm glad I didn't wait to sign them up.

The first class was this morning and I was pretty excited to take them. Joey did NOT want to go. He had a fit about it, but of course he ended up having more fun than the little ones. It was definitely an eye opener for me as far as Daniel was concerned. He's always so bold and confident at home or in familiar settings, but he was completely different in the class. I realized he had never been around more than 1 or 2 kids his own age, and here were 30 of them. He was very unsure and seemed a little overwhelmed. He mostly sat on Joey's lap or stuck to his side like glue. I was really glad Joey was there for this first time to help him ease into it. The other kids would storm the instruments like wild animals, but Daniel would just hang back and stare. Joey coaxed him into going up and picking some out each time and then put them away at the end. He also usually goes nuts dancing at home when music is on, but just kind of stood there and watched the other kids before he would try anything. He kept asking to "go elevator." It was really bizarre to me. In the end, he enjoyed it and I think he'll eventually get more comfortable, but it was really a wake up call to me that he needs to be around other kids his age more often.

Kaitlyn did about as I expected. She just kind of sat in my lap and took it all in. She was happy and entertained watching the other kids and trying to gnaw on the instruments. The only time she melted down was when some people took too long getting on the elevator and the buzzer went off. She freaked out and started screeching, but was fine once it stopped.

I'm looking forward to trying to again next week. Hopefully Daniel will feel more comfortable.

Craptastic evening

Evening started out well. Went to Cracker Barrel in Manassas because we were going to do some shopping out there. Then it went downhill. Had to head back toward home because Manassas was a horrid mess. Guess there was some water main break that basically shut down the town. Stopped in Sterling to go to Target...where Joey got lost. Yup, my almost 8 year old got lost. He was bopping around playing super spy, hiding behind stuff as we went along. We kept yelling at him to stay with us, but next thing we knew...he was gone. So there we were running around and hollering, trying to find him. Another couple joined in to help, I was really starting to panic, and then I heard my name over the loudspeaker. At least something I taught him sunk in...he asked for help from a store employee when he realized he was lost and they took him to Guest Services. I wasn't sure if I wanted to beat him or hug him so I settled for a hug and a stern lecture, followed by grounding him until he's 30.

Patrick took the kids home and I went to Kohl's to look for maternity shorts. They were on sale 50% off, so I was able to get two pairs. WIN! Then I went upstairs to look for a bra...FAIL. I went from a 36D to a 40DD. What...the...Hell?! It was so humiliating to keep trying on a size up and being too big. And they don't make pretty bras for that big. They are horrible boulder holders. And of course, Patrick couldn't understand why I was upset. There is a point where boobs getting bigger stops being hot and is just gross. I would be perfectly happy as a 36C. AND they are only going to get bigger once the baby is born and my milk comes in. I hope to God they go down after, because I hate it.